Are you trying to build a community project?

The center gives you access to experts, capital, and resources for your project.

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Project Focus

Once you sign up, we ask you to provide detailed information related to your project type, project activities conducted, your project size, goals, and the impacted community.



Based on your project details, we assign you a case manager to match you with grants, tools, and technical assistance providers with specialized expertise and documentation to advance your project.



Once you begin your journey in the center and move forward with project activities, you are connected with a community of other project sponsors working on similar projects, communities from your region, and additional supporters including vendors, agencies, and philanthropy.

What is a Project Sponsor?


A project sponsor is an individual within an organization who is the primary driver of a project. Your organization might be a non-profit, municipality, county, tribal nation, for-profit entity, university, community-based organization, or one many other project champions. While the final project implementation body may be different as the project matures, you are a project sponsor if you are supporting the development of a project and are seeking support.

Does it cost anything to join?


This service is completely free for sponsors and providers to join. The development of this program has been funded through Philanthropy and the Economic Development Administration.

What if I don't have a project yet?


Not sure you have a project or want to be a project sponsor?  That’s Ok. Sign up here for future training and diagnostic sessions to help you figure that out.

Can other people from my team join my project?


Yes! Once you join and configure your community details and project details, you can invite additional members from your team as collaborators.

What kinds of projects are other people working on?


Many project sponsors are developing community-scale projects like energy, water, and broadband. Others are focused on buildings and real estate, climate resilience, or recreational trail development.  

What kind of providers participate?


Providers include technical assistance non-profits, for-profit advisory firms, philanthropy, technology vendors, project developers, and government agencies.