We're building connections to move communities forward.

Thousands of under-served and high-need communities in every area of the country often struggle to access the resources they need to build critical community infrastructure and economic development projects, from basic water and energy facilities to climate-smart buildings and housing to the new workforce and entrepreneurial systems that can drive long-term resilience and equitable growth.  Operated by the Milken Institute, a 501(c)(3), The CIC serves as a connection point to link communities with projects with trusted providers who can help, with funding and expertise.

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We are partnered with OpenGrants to provide accurate and efficient grant matches to community infrastructure projects. With OpenGrants' innovative technology and expertise in grant matching, we can ensure that our community partners receive the most relevant and up-to-date information on funding opportunities. This collaboration allows us to streamline the grant application process and maximize the impact of our projects. Together, we can help secure funding for the infrastructure that communities need to thrive.

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We are partnered with HR&A to provide comprehensive project diagnostics to community infrastructure projects. With HR&A's expertise in urban planning, economic development, and real estate, we can offer communities a more comprehensive understanding of their infrastructure needs and potential impacts from the social, economic, and environmental factors that shape their infrastructure projects. By providing accurate and thorough project diagnostics, we can help communities make informed decisions and achieve their infrastructure goals.

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10,000 Communities

The 10,000 Communities Initiative is a dynamic partnership between private and public entities that aims to create climate-resilient communities and equitable local economies. By bringing together cross-sectoral attention, federal technical assistance funding, and impact capital, they are working to ensure that communities across the country have the resources and support they need to thrive. This partnership is dedicated to building a more just and sustainable future for all.

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Regional Partners

The 10,000 Communities Initiative’s Regional Rally Up Event Series is a dynamic platform for community leaders, providers, and stakeholders to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on building strong and resilient communities. These events bring together people from across the country who are committed to creating positive change in the deployment of infrastructure. Through workshops, community-building activities, and inspiring speakers, the Regional Rally Up Event Series is empowering communities to create their own solutions to the challenges they face.

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